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Hey! So this chapter took a long time of off-on work. It was fun to write it. anyway, I did my best to spell and punctuation check it. So enjoy! also, im open to friendly critism!

chapter 2

It took about a minute for Jenny to reach her house. She accidentally smashed through the window. "Oops…" She said, she shook her head, she'll deal with that later, right now she had a dying robot on her hands. She flew into her mom's lab, carrying the robot with her. "MOM!" Jenny yelled out. Her mom came from one of the doors of the lab. "No need to raise your voice, dear! What is th- Who's that?" Dr. Wakeman asked Jenny, pointing at the lifeless robot in her arms. "No time! Hes broken, and dying, can you fix him!?" Jenny asked her. "yes, yes, of course! Give him to me!" She said, taking the broken robot from Jenny, and into the work room. "This doesn't look good… These injuries are severe…" Dr. Wakeman said, before disappearing behind the large, metal doors.

Jenny sat down on a nearby chair, and waited. Since she was a robot, she can sit still for hours on end, never needing to move for any reason. The time went by… seconds to minutes… minutes to hours… On a few occasions, a large clang, or a big flash of sparks drew Jenny's eyes to the room. "I hope he's okay…" She thought to herself. It had been over 6 hours, then it finally was done when the doors opened. Dr. Wakeman was pushing a large, cylinder tank, filled with a green liquid outside of the work room. Floating inside the liquid was the robotic boy. "Is he… dead…?" Jenny asked, confused, and worried at the same time. "Oh no! of course not!" Dr. Wakeman said. "His hardware, and circuit boards suffered critical damage from the injuries he had, It will take a while for his system to reboot." Wakeman replied. Jenny sighed. "So he's basically out cold?" She asked her mom. "If you put it that way, than yes. " Wakeman replied, not happy how Jenny dumbed down what she had just said. "Anyway… How and where did you find this robot? His machinery is different from mine." Dr. Wakeman said/asked. "He fell from the sky inside a meteor… I have no idea who built, or where he came from…" Jenny replied. Dr. Wakeman thought for a quick moment. "Maybe we'll know when he comes back online." She said.

"It's very interesting. His size and age, is very similar to yours, XJ9. It's as if someone was trying to duplicate you or something…" Wakeman said, thoughtfully while pushing the green-fluid tank against the wall, and then leaving the room. Jenny sat back down in the chair, and watched the robot float around in the tank. A light at the center-top of the the cylinder tank showed whether the robot was moving or not.  Green for alive, and red for no movement. Jenny sighed, she wondered how long this poor guy had to float in space… broken. Un-wanted by everyone. But what her mother had said picked at her. "He is similar to me… Mom might be right…" She thought to herself. She stood up, and walked over to the tank. She tapped on the glass a few times. The light remained red. She sighed, and left the room. On the way out of the lab, she could hear her mom ranting about the window she had broken.

It had been about two days since the incident with the robot that fell from the sky. Brad and Jenny didn't speak much of it. Except for brad asking if the robot lived or not. However, brad was able to forget about it, and continue trying to flirt with girls, and getting slapped, and called names by them. Which Jenny was still amazed that he didn't really seem bothered by it. Jenny Still had her mind on the events that happened two days ago. After the school day ended, with some taunting from the Crust Cousins, Jenny walked home. Sheldon was hiding in a nearby bush as Jenny walked. Jenny could obviously see him through the bush. "Sheldon, its REALLY creepy when your watching me from some hiding spot!" Jenny said, aggravated. Sheldon appeared out of the bush. "I wasn't watching you! I was… uh… examining some insects!" Sheldon said. "Yeah. Whatever." Jenny said, and she continued walking, leaving Sheldon to scramble around, pretending to examine insects. A few minutes later she had reached her home. She opened the Door, and called "MOM!" Dr. Wakeman was nowhere to be seen. "hello!" Jenny called to around the house. "she's probably in the lab somewhere…" Jenny thought to herself. She was heading over to it, when she bumped into Dr. Wakeman. "Hello, XJ9!" She greeted Jenny. "Hey mom! So… how is he?" Jenny asked in a quiet tone. "Well why don't you ask him?" Wakeman replied joyfully. "…what?" Jenny asked, confused. "XJ10! Would you come here, please?" Dr. Wakeman called. The robot came out from the lab. "yes, Dr. Wakema- oh! Uhm… hello Jenny…" The boy robot said. Jenny just stared, she snapped out of a trance. "hi…" She said.
Chapter two of my fan-fiction for 'My Life as a Teenage Robot' And I think its better than the first one! In this chapter the other main characters of the show are introduced, ect. anyway, hope you liked! thanks for reading! I do not own Mlaatr, nor do I own Jenny.

previous chapter: [link]

next chapter: still working on it!
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